Satisfied Drupal customers

Here are some of the companies I have worked with recently:

What Talent

Oliver Mardling has a great idea for a social networking website and I'm in the process of helping him make it happen. It's exciting stuff and it's not going to be easy, but I'm looking forward to building a community that will knock his socks off. Click the title to see the progress so far. It's early days, but you can watch things take shape as Drupal does it's thing!


Defaqto have big plans for their online presence and it all starts with their selection of Drupal. They attended one of my Drupal training courses and never looked back. Now I'm helping them design an all new approach to content distribution which will help them manage their websites more efficiently, using a powerful combination of Drupal and SOA.


Sift, those Bristol-based stalwarts of the Internet boom, are moving to Drupal. I have been providing them with Drupal training, via partner NobleProg, on using the Drupal system to build social networking applications.

BigKid London

BigKid are a small creative agency in Central London who are part of the Fresh Media Group. I have been providing PHP and Drupal development, specifically an e-commerce solution for an online childrenswear shop (which must, for now at least, remain nameless) alongside the provision of technology Drupal training and mentoring for the existing BigKid development team.

Gumball 3000

Max and the Gumball Rally gang (now the Gumball Tour to avoid upsetting the Chinese government!) are always busy working on the next great thing. Their website is no exception. I have been helping them move on to Drupal as well as providing bits of IT support assistance here and there.

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