Greg Harvey

Dual national (UK and USA)
Full UK driver’s licence

CMS Professionals, London

July 2008 to present

I founded CMS Professionals to begin my goal of running a full service Drupal development shop. We have made a strong start in 2008 and I am quietly optimistic about 2009, in discussion with the Learning & Skills Council to take on an apprentice as well as hiring a part time new business and account manager. The open source market is buoyant, in spite of (if not because of) the present economic climate, and we look forward to the new year and getting stuck in to some nice Drupal projects.

Managing Director

Having my hand on the helm of a business, however small, is a fascinating new world for me. As well as being a project manager and a Drupal developer by day, I am a strategist, accountant, HR department, sales guy and office cleaner all at once. It's hectic, but I thrive when I'm busy and I'm learning so much. My responsibilities are *everything* and the buck couldn't stop any closer to my toes, but I'm really happy about that and, the way things are going, I hope to have built a really solid company by the end of 2010.

Sole Trader

November 2007 to present

As a sole trader I have done a mix of training, consultancy, Drupal development and creation of my own UGC websites. I am very pleased to report I have a string of happy clients already, which you can view under "What have I done before?" on the right-hand menu. While my focus is now on my company, CMS Professionals, I am still a registered sole trader and ocassionally take on work on that basis.

Rareface Social Networks, London

November 2006 to November 2007

Rareface is one of the world’s leading providers of social networking/Web 2.0 software, responsible for such websites as the US-based NASCAR sensation, Infield Parking and Playboy UK’s unique and high-profile concept, creating a website where a modelling contest meets an online community. Rareface’s unique specialism is the delivery of bespoke community-driven websites to clients who have either spotted a hole in the rapidly expanding world of online communities, or have identified a niche target audience. This expertise has made Rareface the first port of call for anyone with a serious budget and an online community concept, pretty much globally.

Head of Development

Reporting to the company board and corporate investors, my role at Rareface is to keep development of all of our products on track, on time and to budget. As well as making recommendations on the future of the software, important technology choices and building and managing a development team, I also regularly meet clients and get involved in sales engagements. During my time here I have overseen the completion of the core product, guided its future development and introduced the organisation to other agile product/project management methodologies and techniques, thus facilitating a smoother development process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with the incumbent outsourced development firm to deliver initial product
  • Building an internal team of developers to maintain and improve the product
  • Creating a roadmap for the migration of initial software “platform” to a COTS-style core of web services, to allow more agile future development and deployment
  • Controlling technology budgets
  • Overseeing software architecture decisions
  • Designing and documenting software in UML
  • Working with development teams and customers to create meaningful use cases, documentation and specifications
  • Managing internal development resources towards identified technology goals
  • Choosing and implementing company project management methodologies
  • Designing test plans and deployment strategies
  • Pitching for new business
  • Ensuring existing clients receive a high quality of service and software

Dow Jones & Reuters Interactive (trading as Factiva), London

October 2004 to November 2006

There are very few global corporations not using Factiva’s products in some form or another. Factiva are one of the world’s leading providers of online media access competing in the same space as Lexis Nexis. I joined the company as part of their acquisition of my former company, 2B, which was incorporated in to a specialist division for providing visualisation of media data for marketing and PR clients. This division became known as Factiva Insight.

Product Development Manager, Factiva Insight

January 2005 to November 2006

Reporting to the CEMA Technical Director for the Factiva Insight division, as well as the US-based Factiva Insight “Business Champion” on the Dow Jones board, my role at Factiva spanned all aspects of the management of the former 2B product range.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Liasing with client-facing teams to prioritise the development schedule for the Insight product range, for which I was responsible
  • Managing the work of a team of Microsoft .Net developers based in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Liasing with Product leadership in the Princeton, New Jersey, to get necessary documentation, cooperation and sign-off for the team in Sofia
  • Developing new interface ideas through discussion, demonstration and testing and working with Sofia team to implement them
  • Writing of documentation, specifications and functional requirements for new releases as well as whole new products (I personally led the roll-out from start to finish of the latest Factiva Insight product, the Self Service Module)
  • Learning and implementing different methodologies in product management to aid in delivering products more efficiently

Technical Project Manager

October 2004 to January 2005

Reporting to the Technical Director, this role spanned every area of 2B’s business, from sales to product development, delivery to support.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Global responsibility for administration and support of Hill & Knowlton’s Factiva account with over 500 users worldwide
  • Responsible for worldwide maintenance and user support for Hill & Knowlton’s Radar media monitoring software
  • Key involvement in product development for 2B’s Insight Stream media analysis tools (including hands-on software development)
  • Using existing channels of communication through the support network to consult with clients and sell new products
  • Responsible for resource allocation, project timelines and QA on the Insight Stream and Media Dashboard products

(Note, this role was undertaken for 2B Reputation Intelligence, who were purchased by Dow Jones and Reuters in February 2005.)

Work Communications Ltd, London

January 2001 to October 2004

Work Communications are one of London’s leading Recruitment Communications specialists. The started trading in October 2000 and since then have grown exponentially to be the 4th largest Recruitment Communications & Advertising Agency in the UK. Joining in January 2001, I watched this company grow from a small serviced office in central London to a national network numbering over 150 employees. During my time at Work I started in the Creative wing of the business and one of my first achievements was to create a new Internet & New Media team. Over time I moved to span the gap between client services, clients and products in a unique and successful way.

Technical Project Manager

October 2003 to October 2004

This role was forged to fill a gap in Work’s client services wing. They needed a client-facing but technically savvy individual for new business, consultancy, client relationship and product delivery. I was promoted from my previous position as head of the web team to take on this new role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the quality of new media products
  • Making decisions on new products and supplier partners
  • Managing client relationships both on and off of projects
  • Project delivery, timings and budgets
  • Designing processes for product delivery
  • Consultancy and project specification
  • Pitching for new business
  • Handling existing supplier relationships

Clients include:

  • Nestlé
  • Ford Motor Company (Jaguar and Land Rover specifically)
  • Centrica Group (The AA and British Gas specifically)
  • Accenture
  • London Ambulance Service
  • ntl

Senior Web Developer

January 2001 to October 2003

As the sole web designer at a start-up recruitment advertising agency, my role covered all areas of design and development for every new media project the agency undertook.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and develop to budget and on time all new media products produced by the agency
  • Internal consultation with client services prior to new business efforts and briefing meetings
  • Design and develop creative ideas and concepts for new business pitches and sales opportunities
  • Manage other members of the web team and freelancers, allocate and QA their work, ensuring they deliver on time and to budget


Hull School of Architecture, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorks

1996 – 1999
BA Hons. Architecture 2.1

The Minster School, Southwell, Notts

1989 – 1996
‘A’ levels
English Language
Graphical Communications
General Studies

Double Science
English Language & Literature
Design & Communications

Skills and Interests

As well as my obvious interest in technology and computing, I am also keenly creative, still thoroughly enjoying architecture and making every effort to keep up with the activities of the industry. Whenever possible I write for a major Internet knowledgebase and magazine called SitePoint as well as for the recruitment industry including some fascinating work on the subject of Internet accessibility.

I am also keen a musician in my spare time and I have written and produced a large amount of material myself, playing guitar and piano to a good standard and have basic skills on the oboe also. Again, my IT interest overlaps with my music where I make the best of limited resources and use digital technology to produce my own CDs. Firmly based in the arts, I enjoy anything creative and challenging that acts as a channel for expressing myself and that includes an interest in photography and film.

Finally my interest in history and all things historic has led me to become a classic car owner, running two classic cars, about which I keep a blog. I also enjoy watching sport particularly soccer and Formula 1 racing.


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