The Contrib Conundrum

Edit: Please read this blog post, but also please jump in on this thread - the idea is already proposed but needs community support:

And so again today it happened, as it does so many days. Someone needs to be able to do something. They Google. They search They find nothing but a few open issues or an unsuitable/unsupported contrib module. They're a developer, so after an hour of searching they think "ach, to hell with this - I'll just write something".

Framework, Product Or Both?

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Ask any Scottish whisky maker, distilling is not an easy process. Only when the hot gases cool can you see the real results of your labours. And (in the case of whisky, at least) you often have to leave the resulting liquids to sit for a long time, observing them carefully and testing them regularly, to get a really perfect product at the end.

This Author Sees A Long Drupal Slope

I'm prompted to write a post that is a bit less technical and more of a muse on the state of the Drupal project. Anyone who follows the community will know much is made of a developer/designer divide. To be honest, I still don't quite get why this is. I don't personally feel it.

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